Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Liberals have left the building...

there are no more sharks left to jump, and the fat lady isn't gonna sing for the likes of you.
The above graphic is from Thursday's Ottawa Citizen.
I added the percentages on the right from the accompanying article which also includes the average number of votes in the House from each party :
Con MPs voted an average of 73 times out of a possible total of 76
The Bloc - 71......NDP - 68......Libs - 49
It's a vicious circle : Canadians and particularly liberals are demoralized by this wretched performance on the part of the Libs so naturally the Libs don't rise in the polls. This causes the Libs to decide they don't have sufficient public support to risk triggering an election they may not win and so they abstain and/or vote with the Cons some more.
PS : Dear Libbies : I don't ever want to hear about the NDP propping up the Cons ever again. Ever.


RossK said...

I hear you A.

You called this one a long time ago and now you've got the numbers to prove it.


West End Bob said...


Rather revealing when you see it in print by the numbers, isn't it ? ? ? ?

Alison said...

Ross, Bob : And not so much of a peep of outrage out of any of the lib bloggers about this. I had assumed they just didn't know but now I don't know what to think.

West End Bob said...

"Silence is Golden," perhaps?

It would appear they have no rational defence . . . .

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