Monday, March 03, 2008

A wide variety of "No comments"

from the scandal we wish everyone would quit calling "Cadscam" :

On Wednesday Harper's office released a statement : "The then-leader of the Opposition [Harper] looked into the matter with party officials and could find no confirmation."

You will recall that former Con MP John Reynolds, who was also Harper's campaign manager, facilitated the meeting at which Finlay and Flanagan are alleged to have offered the $1M bribe to the late Chuck Cadman.
Asked about the incident, former Conservative MP John Reynolds told Canwest News Service he did not wish to comment.
"I'm not involved in politics anymore,"said Mr. Reynolds. "I have no comment at all."

Later Reynolds remarked to CBC : "the story seems fishy." and "Sounds to me like some kind of fiction story."

OK then, anyone else?

"Ryan Sparrow, a Conservative party spokesman, refused to comment on the allegations."

"Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said he's never heard anything about any buyout. "I've never even spoken with Chuck Cadman," he said."

"Jay Hill, now the Conservative government whip and Opposition whip at the time of the vote in question, told NaPo he had never heard of the events," which he also characterized later as a case of "unfortunate miscommunication" and "a so-called make-believe fairy-tale scandal."

Con MP and Treasury Board chairman Vic Toews : "He [Cadman] cared about legislation not money. We've heard this story for years. It's bullshit."

Defence Minister Peter MacKay was deputy Con leader at the time of the alleged offer : "I don't know anything about how this has come about. Certainly it was something that I was not involved with,'' said MacKay, "I think it's sad, quite frankly, that this seems to have come up. It's very unfortunate.''

Ok, so it didn't happen but if it did, it isn't true. Got it.

Update : Chet reminds me in comments that the $1M meeting and the Flanagan/Finlay meeting are not one and the same meeting. Allegedly two days apart in fact. Quite right, my bad. I think I keep forgetting that little detail because it has that - oh no, it was two completely other guys who did that - whiff about it. Thanks, Chet.

Upperdate : Ok, now we're back to just one meeting again. Allegedly.


That guy said...

My understanding is that the Finley/Flanagan meeting was a different one from the $1m insurance meeting; we don't actually know who was at that one.

I'm beginning to think that the exact details of this are not going to be cleared up.

West End Bob said...

Ok, so it didn't happen but if it did, it isn't true. Got it.

Thanks for clearing that up, Alison.

I think ? ? ? ? :)

RossK said...

Chet's comment jibes with what Ms. Cadman has just said.

I fear the 'kerning' is about to commence.

As for the 'name', I'm running with Cadmanada.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the NDP is not backing the Libs on a public inquiry.

I just want to punch something!

To paraphrase Jason Schwartzman (in i heart Huckabees) "Fuckittyfuckinsonofabitchmotherfuckshitfuckfuck!"

Anonymous said...

Two Conservative "operatives" visited Chuck
Cadman to discuss incentives to voting with them.

If there was a blowjob involved, now that would be a story with teeth.

Please NO TEETH!!!

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