Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Steve and Sandra send in the drones

Dear Con aficionados of talk radio and Steno mini-Steves:
It's bad enough that the Cons think you are too stupid to articulate in your own words why you are a Con; it's rather worse that you apparently go along with this assessment.
and ditto letters to the editor.


West End Bob said...

The non-thinking man's conservative, eh ? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

The good news here is that you can go to their web page, read their script, and then call in and refute their points before they are even made. This has the advantage of making anyone who calls in and reads their script look like a jackass, as he or she will be making points which you have already covered.

RossK said...


Or, you can just play 'GoodCon Hunting', a game where the object is to game everthing.


And when doing so you must always remember to....

Just Play Dumb And You'll Have Fun!"


Cathie from Canada said...

I love your Steve and Sandra bits! This one is brilliant.

Q said...

'Steno mini Steves', lol.

Think of all the time and energy we'll save as a nation, not having to think anymore and this process is more gentle than a lobotomy.

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