Monday, March 03, 2008

Non-proportional representation, Alberta -style

52.69% of the total vote gave the Cons 73 seats,
while 26.31% of everyone who voted garnered the Libs only 8 seats, and the NDP pulled 2 seats with 8.53%.

So half the vote equals 88% of the seats!

Then after factoring in Liberal Catnip's report on voter turnout -
Urban ~ 43% and Rural ~ 39%, it's really more like
21% of all eligible voters elected 88% of the seats.

And it looks like this :

I imagine Idealistic Pragmatist will have something to say about this.

Tuesday Update : Kuri at Thought Interrupted made us all pie!
Ok, Kuri actually made us pie charts, but they're really really good pie charts which include the vast all-powerful Alberta non-voting bloc.
Go see.


Bazz said...

Yup. When it comes down to it, Alberta's urban voters get royally screwed (there are ridings out there where the votes are worth 5+ times what they are in an urban riding)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, alison.

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