Saturday, November 04, 2006

2050 is the new 1984

2050AD is our new scary date, the date by which :

1) all current fish and seafood stocks will disappear unless immediate steps are taken to halt overfishing.

2) the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free in summer.

3) Rona pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero, happily coinciding with -

4) fossil fuels in Alberta ceasing to be commercially viable.

5) "Newspeak" replaces all other language in Orwell's appendices to "1984".

Marvelous work on #5, Rona, - you're way ahead of schedule there - bringing a work of fiction to life.
Now about numbers 1 through 4...

Oops : #3 Make that "zero increase"


Olaf said...


Just a quick note: I'm no expert, but according to Andrew Coyne (who, also, is no environmental expert), the illustrious Stern Report recommends 25% reductions by 2050, or half what Rona promised...

As I said, I'm not meaning to make any point absent of an argument for it (which I'm not qualified for), but could you comment on this?

Alison said...

An excellent writer, Coyne, who I find utterly exasperating on this topic due to his propensity to see the environment as a subset of economics, instead of the other way round.

Woefully uninformed on the science of all this and haven't read the Stern report myself, Olaf, so no uninformed comments from me. :-)

This Conscious Earth is probably a better bet.

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