Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oiling the denial machine

CBC's Fifth Estate will be repeating "The Denial Machine" tonight, a great doc exposing how Exxon funds and fuels global warming denying scientists, some of whom also performed the same services for Big Tobacco.

GOP spindoctor and bullshit artist Frank Luntz, yes that Frank Luntz, orchestrated the framing of the denial message down south :

"Instead of using the term "global warming," substitute "climate change" because while global warming has catastrophic communications attached to it, climate change sounds a more controllable and less emotional challenge."

Then he came up here in May and performed his "Massaging the Conservative Message for Voters" show for our own newly annointed Cons. Were you there, Rona? Coz Frank's message pretty well sums up your whole policy.
I mention this because "The Denial Machine" ends with Frank telling us that he now believes it possible that global warming is an immanent catastrophy.

Frank is a bullshit artist so he can say whatever he likes.
What's your excuse, Rona?

If you prefer, you can watch it online here.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog a lot. You're obviously a wonk but you keep it sassy and I don't know any other blog that's all Canadian content.
Good for you.

Havril said...

Climate change. Easy, like changing underwear. Sexy, even -- excuse me while I slip into something less thermoinsular.

I think Rona's excuse is that Harper writes her speeches. My excuse for my own bullshit: my blog is written by monkeys.

scout said...

i think it should be changed to 'climax change'....there's just been too many 'big oh's' from the cons.

alison, really, that pic of the bowtie on havril's blog...excellent and i look forward to a pic of him in it...i think. he is younger then our mates so it may do us good to vote for him....wait no, i have to vote for myself, it's a gawdess given right!!!!

and we don't have eight million cyber cafes to run around to on bowen so we're rather hand tied unless we venture ..........VANCOUVER.........oh dread the thought, no no no, can't do it.

oh, the topic, yes, well, i expect a full report because we don't have t.v......and i think you have to pay to view online. may the valdez corporation spin themselves out of existance.

Saskboy said...

I watched that CBC show, and it frames the modern media spin perfectly. It's why stupid things happen all around us - evil people tell bad people how to be evil.

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