Sunday, November 26, 2006

Canada, a nation within the United States

From the Glib&Mall :
"The Conservative government is floating plans to block takeovers and investment from foreign state-owned firms should it detect a threat to Canada in the transaction, a move triggered by China's global prowl for acquisitions."

Well, I've certainly argued for this, although I wouldn't have singled out China or bothered with delicate distinctions between foreign state-owned firms and firm-owned states. (Firms? Who says firms any more?)
But look at the assumptions in this next bit :

"Greater Chinese inroads into the oil sands would certainly unnerve American policy makers, who always include Canada's tar-rich deposits in the equation when they discuss how the United States could achieve energy independence."

So Canada is now voluntarily initiating policy to facilitate a smoother US takeover of our resources?
When did the US cease to be a foreign power?
Yeah, I know, but it bugs me the G&M just takes it for granted.
The list of 'unfriendlies' is interesting : Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Venezuela. What - no North Korea?

The Cons - protecting the national interests of the US.


Anonymous said...

oh that just got me so much! harper's nuts....but we already know that. 'a united canada within the united americas'. right. and look out, the 'yellow peril' is upon us, ahhhhhh, run!

without power here and well over a foot of now...hear your side of the island is rain and the hyros on.

have laptop and dialup, will surf!!!!

MgS said...

Now, from a policy perspective, why would I want to hitch my economic wagon to an economy (and power) that is so clearly on the wane?

(Yes, yes, this is the question Harper should be answering, but isn't even asking)

Q said...

There's a lot of cons alright.

Almost as relevant though, isn't your isle too tiny to have two separate weather systems?

Foot of snow versus rain? I want pics of this phenomena.

Havril said...

"Now, from a policy perspective, why would I want to hitch my economic wagon to an economy (and power) that is so clearly on the wane?"

Ex-freakin-actly, Grog. Just in case the Tiawan and Tibet thing doesn't work out for it, it seems like China should be eager to annex some extra territory.

The big question, because Canadians live for this constitutional shit: 24th province, or 6th Autonomous Region?

The bigger question: will we get a panda?

Anonymous said...

q, i heard the slush turn to snow over there, on that other side of the isle. we have a few micro climates here, i think owing to the gaint rocks that have planted themselves around and people call mountains.

havril, you can't go claiming the panda already. i've had my dibs in for six years now. you are , however, welcome to a collection of fake rolex watches.

Alison said...

Hi all
Big weather here.
No power or phone since early Sunday morning but my next door neighbour just came hiking through the snow with the world's longest power cord. Gosh, what to plug in -the vacuum or the computer? Heh.

There's deer huddling on the porch of the shop, and something large is walking around on the roof. Good thing I've got a whack of firewood inside. Scout, I don't know how you're managing without a woodstove - if it gets too cold, just come over.

Power on this cord flickering now with the wind up again so I'm getting off.
Stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

Just checked the weather in Lhasa, -4 C. And Toronto is +16 C. Who does that make us closer to then?
In this Autonomous Region there will no longer be threads, just power cords. And localized Cold Wars, and the axes of survival. And strange phenomena of global cooling- there have been sea lions in the cove the past 2 nights raising hell (just under that Cormorant rookerie). Never been seen before!
When the little birds go to ground . . .

Anonymous said...

hey alison, thanks....i thought about it but the landlord brought over a cool propane generator. this meant unplugging the electric heater to make coffee , but, priorities ya know!!!!

your phone line was down? wow. ours stayed up. a few trees were down on the property and the quarter mile driveway is hell to traverse but do-able in the truck. hubby's car was parked on the road but he had to dig it out.

i had someone email me to ask me if i want to go snow shoeing with them....hmmm, have to think long and hard on that one, especially because it would be at quarry park .....sorry, local politics here....nothing like swamp land dedicated as a park by a developer that taxpayers have to pay for upkeep on, when swampland is federally protected anyways.

fuck council get sucked in!

Mark Groen said...

Just rain down here at Snug Cove this am, now it's a Scottish Mist.

Our PM and the rest of the sorry bunch are hitching us to a fallen star called the USA when we should be connected to the rising one in the East, you know, the star that owns almost half the USA already.

For those that still haven't figured it out, Mish has a recent post outlining how the scam works:

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