Saturday, November 18, 2006

Steve and Sandra and MiniTrue

Globe&Mail :
"Sandra Buckler, the communications director for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has asked that staff working for Conservative cabinet ministers secretly provide her with assessments of their bosses' communications skills."

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of 1984 when the latest Management tool was MBWA - Managing by Walking Around. The idea was that upper management (in major corporations) would come on to the floor after hours in order to talk to the employees and find out how their lower management employees were implementing their policies. In this case, it reached it's peak when the VP and GM held an open meeting with the non management folks and advised them they could say whatever they wanted. Fortunately, one of the more curious folks discovered that these two characters had positioned their syncophantic assistants behind a wall, and those assistants were recording everything that was said. The Union was pulled in, a major grievance lodged, the information was leaked to the newspapers, the Corporation was mega embarrassed. Eventually (within two years, the VP and GM left to pursue other opportunities outside the Company. shades of Orwell, and the year was right.
These tactics are sleazy at best and incredibly stupid at worst. Sandra is over twenty years in the past and should be fired. Stevie is an embarrassment, and should be tossed out on his can.
Please, if there is a God, we need a true leader. (sorry Ignatief, please go back to Harvard)

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