Thursday, November 09, 2006

The man that time forgot

Atlantica, Cascadia, and presumably also Pointsinbetweenica* will soon be getting a boost as a replacement for Canada, thanks to the appointment of right wing free marketeer Brian Lee Crowley to a position as senior policy adviser to the federal Finance Department.

Crowley is the founding president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, created to promote Atlantica as the economic union of the Atlantic provinces with the New England states. He's also a big fan of NASCO, the ten lane corridor almost a quarter of a mile wide with gas, oil, electricity, and water pipelines running up either side, which is being proposed to link Mexico, with her non-union truck drivers, directly to Winnipeg.
The Canada/US border, according to Crowley, is merely an impediment to "continental integration" :

"The east-west axis for development of North America is being supplemented by a drive to stitch back together the old north-south trade routes that had flourished across the continent before 1867."

Ah yes, the goode olde dayes.
Other concepts from before 1867 that win Crowley's approval are lack of pay equity for women, lack of regional development funding, lack of EI and welfare, and lack of government interference in the glorious free market.

He should fit right in.

*Pointsinbetweenica : TM - Havril


Anonymous said...

pre-1867, border impediment, all sounds rather 1812 and the '30's 'war plan red' to me. we just haven't pinned a name on this take over yet, save for nafta and deep integration.

atlantica? what, did he hire frum to come up with that one?

crowley can get busy tearing down border security could save us a ton on the spinal tap fence.

lord tunderin' jeezus, a senior policy advisor , ya say? nice find, alison.

Berlynn said...

Well, my friend, that East-West Corridor thingy is a'happenin' now! They're piecing together a trail from Sherbrooke QC to Saint John NB and they're going through the USA to do it. Folks in Maine aren't too happy about it, though. They're worried about pipelines and tarsands dirty shit and all. Who can blame them?

Dirty fuckers, those rightwingers. Here's hoping the Stop the Corridor folks find success!

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