Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An important safety announcement

*Ding, dong* "Welcome aboard BC Ferries. This is an important safety announcement. Please take a moment to review the following safety procedures".

Um, ok.
What important safety procedures do you follow, BC Ferries, when one of your ships sinks?
Say, the "Queen of the North".

March 22 log of the corporate operations center :

I) Arrange for the first plane to fly in 1)BC Ferries top lawyer, 2) the manager of security, and 3)a TV cameraman

II) Arrange for a second plane to fly in 4)the president of BC Ferries and 5)the premier of BC who privatized BC Ferries.

III) The next afternoon, arrange to fly in - in 6th spot - the BC Ferries safety inspector whose job it is to investigate the sinking.

When the safety inspector wants to interview the crew members, explain to him that the lawyers will be doing that.
When, realizing that he is merely decorative and not going to be allowed to do his job, the safety inspector quits, trash him in the press.

"This has been a BC Ferries public safety announcement. Thank you for sailing with BC Ferries.
We hope to see you again soon."

Note : BC Ferries is Ross K's beat. I'm sure he'll be back any time now to post something that involves, you know, actual investigative journalism.

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