Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ignatieff or Ffeitangi?

Michael Ignatieff reverses himself once again.
UPDATE : No, not photoshop. Photo link at Toronto Star


Havril said...

I'm a little surprised at your cultural insensitivity, Alison. That's not his name backwards. That's cyrillic. It says "Scarf of permissible duress, 100% polyester"

Olaf said...


I liked the title... took me a while to figure it out, which tells you something.

What a dumbass though, I couldn't think of a picture that would give his opponents more ammo.

Anonymous said...

That's a photoshop job folks.

Anonymous said...

ew, iggy underwear!

what i wanna know is who paid this goon to run....the cons or republithugs?

Alison said...

The Toronto Star is running it with this caption :
"Leadership front-runner Michael Ignatieff shows off the wrong side of his campaign scarf as the Liberals' gathering gets underway in Montreal."

It's not a straight photo reversal as his hair part is on the usual left side and I included the photocredit to show it isn't photoshopping by me. I think if it were photoshop, we'd hear the howling from IggyNation from here.

Anonymous said...

You're right Alison, I hadn't noticed the hair part.

There's something about his smile that puts me in mind of a guy trying to hawk a wooden food slicer at the fair.

Anonymous said...

oh, havril!! that's not cyrillic.
you don't recognize bajoran when you see it? this is obviously an endorsement of michael as he comes out as a "ferengi" look closely,now....and then think of the uncanny similarities in values and principles.

ultra capitalist. a contract is a contract....

and there's something about the dental work and ears...

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