Saturday, November 11, 2006

Steve and Sandra get things done

The ubiquitous slogan : "Getting things done for all of us"
Shorter : "Getting things for us" and "Things done for U.S."

Steve's communications director Sandra Buckler fired off several rounds of bucklershot yesterday not explaining why London North Centre Con candidate Dianne Haskett is not permitted to speak to the media [Ed. note - Gays! Guns! GOP! God!] as part of her campaign.

Sandra finished with a new variation on the theme :
"Vote for a candidate that will be a part of a government that gets things done for families and taxpayers."

Whoa, Sandra. Waaay too long, girl.
Try these instead : "Vote for Families" and "Things for Taxpayers".


Anonymous said...

The short version is “Getting things done for Steve”.

“Plus there’s that business of you being called his little b…”


Anonymous said...

I was quite moved by the "action on gun crime" mailout. With a photo of a table top littered with assorted handguns and "Canada's New Government - getting things done - for all of us", I just felt, you know, so much safer.
I was further reassured by the four actions the New Government is delivering:
* Thougher sentences for gun crimes;
* More Police on our streets:
* Strengthened border security; and
* $20 mil to help prevent youth crime.
All these things will surely stop gun crime. And we don't even have to ban guns to do it.
Praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Yep, don't forget cut funding for police forces, which they also did. And in a sideways kind of crime-fighting program, they slashed adult literacy funding, to put a halt to all those stick-up notes. Yep, Harpor knows how to massage the message -- just ask the people of Quebec on his promise to rid us of that gun registry. And he's picking up that three-strikes rule, aiming to show the Americans how to do it right, since many that operated with it are now dumping it. But the best is yet to come -- a majirity will allow our Fearluss Leader bring in judges appointed by Conservative lobbysts, along with private for profit prisons, in a community near you! Yep, its progress all right. But first got to pump up that fear factor, first. Its scary out there people. Scaaaaarrrrryyyy!

Somena Woman said...

Bizarre... absolutley BIZARRE... Thats what Clinton's motto was during the first part of the Whitewater hearings... that he wasn't concerned with it because he was "getting things done" -- lemme know if Sandra and Steve switch the messaging from "Getting things done" to "Doing the work of the people" or "Working Hard to Get Things Done"... Because that's the message that "Getting things done eventually evolved into...

Somena Woman said...

OMG -- Any of you seen "Dead Like Me"?

There's an episode where Grim Reaper Girl spends the night at her bosses house... and discovers the whole place is wired up to webcams for Delores Herbigs website "Getting Things Done With Delores"...

There's got to be a riff somebody could make on that...

Alison said...

Meaghan, you have quite the most beautiful blog I've ever seen.

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