Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iggy claims he has "joementum"

"It's huge, absolutely huge," Mr. Ignatieff said of the [poached] Dion delegates' arrival. "If you want momentum, that's momentum."

Actually, Iggy, we call that Joementum now, after the rightwing American politician who pretends not to be one.

"Denis Coderre, national co-chairman of the Ignatieff campaign, boasted yesterday that he has "dozens of others" ready to abandon Mr. Dion. "I believe there's an Ignatieff-mania in Quebec," he said."

Mania...mania...that rings a bell ...gosh, wait a minute, I almost had it.....naw, it's gone.


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RossK said...

Maybe the Igster can do a little two-legged triangulatin' and get himself a whack-o-cash from, say, the Carlyle group.

Or some such thing.


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