Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baird : Pull my finger again!

John Baird : "At some point, it's sort of like the planet's on fire, we've got to throw water on it. We don't need to research it, we need to act."

Environment Minister Angry McPointy™ continues to treat his portfolio as if it's a burning paperbag full of dogshit that's been left on his porch.
While John is cleaning off his shoes, he might consider some alternative "actions".

He could, for instance, meet with Gordon McBean, chair of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, who, along with other climate research scientists, have seen their repeated requests to meet with McPointy declined, along with their climate research funding.
McBean described McPointy's avoidance of addressing long term solutions as "sadly misinformed".

Angry McPointy™ - My Blahg

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Boris said...

I met Gordon McBean once a couple years ago. Interesting, very smart guy. He didn't seem the sort to suffer climate fools much.

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