Friday, April 20, 2007

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Globe&Mail : PM's stylist also works as a psychic
Responding to questions as to whether Harper's face fluffer also gives him and Laureen psychic advice, Sandra Buckler replied :

"She doesn't. I don't care what she is. She is very helpful. She carries the bags. She opens the door. She is very nice."

Ok, so according to Buckler, Michelle Muntean is actually more like a psychic porter then.
And she certainly has that trademark lego haircut down, doesn't she, Q?


Anonymous said...

I guess Michelle had the day off that day.

RossK said...

She carries the bags?

And does she walk five paces behind?

And keep her head bowed?

And does she do just as The Commander says?



Anonymous said...

Carries the bags and opens the door? If she opens cans as well she would be fully qualified as a cat owner.

Q said...

Holy lego abomination!
It even looks like the pot bellied PM. Truly disturbing, muahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Oh you two and your lego!
I always get the impression this is a secret club and I don't know the password.

'K, Alison, are you really gonna give Jack a pass on his reaction?

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