Monday, April 16, 2007

Maxim and Cosmo

"Swearwords, homophobia, what it would be like if men had to put up with the things women do, and ultimately what men and women really want." *
This Saturday and Sunday on Bowen, the wonderfully funny TJ Dawe kicks off the world premiere of Maxim and Cosmo, his new 90-minute piece of sitdown stand-up comedy theatre about the battle of the sexes.

Loved him in The Slip-Knot last time he was here - a lone guy standing on stage in front of three mikes telling us three stories about his horrible day jobs as a stockboy, a postal clerk, a driver for a dumpster company. Tying it all together were three interspersed subplots about long distance romance, selling a truck, and finding an apartment.
Brilliant bit of virtuoso verbal juggling it was.

With thanks to Maragold Theatre* for luring him back.
Looking forward to finding out what men and women really want. Let you know next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Striking looking fellow, isn't he?

West End Bob said...

Looks like a good production . . . Hope you get to see it and still have pizza Sunday:)

Anonymous said...

tj is da bomb! nice legs too.

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