Thursday, April 26, 2007

"When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour..."

Hard to pick my favourite quote so far from the televized HoC debate on the NDP motion to quit counter-insurgency efforts in Afghanistan.

Richard Harris (Con. Cariboo-Prince George) called the NDP "a band of Taliban cheerleaders" and asked "Wouldn't the Taliban just love the NDP motion?"

So that was pretty good but it really only rates a third.

Second place so far goes to Myron Thompson (Con. Wild Rose AB), you know - the guy who once stated "Let's lower it to ten" when discussing the age at which juveniles should be tried in adult court.

Rising to his feet and doing his usual excellent impersonation of George Bush, he intoned "Don't ever forget November 11"...uh, tiny uncertain pause there... but then he ploughed ahead confidently just like he was John Belushi in Animal House..." when the Taliban....AlQaeda attacked us. They are evil!"

Oops, sorry, all out of time and he got his mike cut.

First place is a tie. Stockwell Day and Harper have given up on the story about the Red Cross looking out for Afghan detainees and they have even given up on the one about the Afghan International Human Rights Commission looking after detainees. Know who is the newest group who has always been looking out for detainees now? Canadian Corrections. That's right.
Stockboy stated how proud he was the day he sent both of them off to Afghanistan "some time ago" and how he had talked to one of them just today and she had confirmed that she had been into the detention centers 15 times already!
Duceppe, Goodale, Dion, Ignatieff and Layton all called bullshit and demanded to see paper on it, so Secretary of State Helena Guergis promised to try to get some kind of formal agreement thingy from Foreign Affairs.



West End Bob said...

The wrong-wingers get so wrapped up in their rhetoric they tend to ignore content . . . .

Anonymous said...

CTV describes various contradictory statements:
At this link

"The Conservative government seems to be changing its story on the status of Canada's access to Afghan detainees.

Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor announced Wednesday that a deal had been struck with Afghan intelligence to get access to prisoners to investigate allegations of torture.

Today, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day stunned the opposition by saying corrections officers have always had access to Afghan detainees after they have been transferred to Afghan officials..."

Alison said...

Yeah, WEB, they have pretty serious "substance" abuse issues.

Thanks, Holly. Odd too how Peter MacKay knew nothing of all this until informed of it by reporters. And O'Connor didn't know seem to know enough about it to mention it when cornered by them in the elevator yesterday either, did he?

RossK said...

Could this, perhaps, be just be a bunch more examples of them making their own 'Gnu' Reality?

Rev.Paperboy said...

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, Stephen."

Anonymous said...

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