Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Email from Jack Layton

to Rambling Socialist

Thank for your previous email about Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

First, I want to say that I share the deep sadness of all Canadians on theloss of our Canadian soldiers who bravely answered the call of duty. It is agrim reminder of the courage of our nation's fine soldiers and the dangers they face on a daily basis.

This week the Liberal Party proposed a motion that would effectively keep Canadian troops in combat until February 2009.
The NDP opposes this motion.Why? Because it prolongs a George Bush style combat mission in Afghanistan.
Under Stephane Dion`s leadership, the Liberals continue to flip-flop and fail to understand fully the critical issues facing the war-torn country of Afghanistan. A year ago the Liberals were divided on a vote to extend the mission. Liberal deputy leader Michael Ignatieff voted for the Harper government's decision to extend the mission to 2009 while their Defence critic Denis Coderre voted against it.
Now, with their own motion, the Liberals are - endorsing the two year extension - of the mission and the Conservative's game plan for Afghanistan.

In contrast, the NDP position on the combat mission in Afghanistan is crystal clear. We have consistently called for the withdrawal of troops from the combat mission. It is a Bush style counter-insurgency mission not leading to lasting peace and better living conditions. It is unbalanced and overwhelmingly focused on aggressive counter-insurgency. The humanitarian situation is simply not improving and the effort cannot be won militarily.

In an effort to try to find common ground, I proposed an amendment to the Liberal motion. The amendment called on the government to immediately begin to withdraw Canadian Forces in a safe and secure manner from the counter-insurgency mission in Afghanistan and call upon the government to notify NATO of this decision. Sadly, the Liberals rejected my amendment and instead choose to continue to support the Harper Conservative strategy to stay in southern Afghanistan for two more years.
New Democrats feel that Canada must demonstrate leadership and try to find practical solutions. For more information on how Canada can provide leadership, please read the full text of a recent speech I gave on this very issue at:
Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to present the New Democratic Party's position on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)


Anonymous said...

Jesus that's just as disingenuous as what comes out of Harper and Buckler.

But no matter, dippers'll buy it and that's all that counts.

Anonymous said...

Me, I read Steven Staples and I think we can consider this silly little adventure of the LPC closed.

In happier news, I'm waiting to follow your lead again on the SPP, Alison.

Anonymous said...

i've always thought layton was the 'used car salesman' looks like he's pushing a lemon here.

MgS said...

I'm afraid that Layton's missing the boat on a lot of things right now.

By allying himself with Harper he is muddying his allegiance and direction in the public mind - what does he really represent? ... or is he merely yet another political opportunist that lusts after power?

Anonymous said...

You posted this without comment, Alison. Care to make one?
Not trying to be combatitive here - would just really like to know what you think of this.

Anonymous said...


Alison said...

Hi all -away at work all day.

Dana : The rank and file dippers will "buy" whatever gets Canada out of the war.
25 outraged posts at ProgBlog condemning the dippers for not supporting the war is what I meant when I said I sometimes have trouble finding meaningful daylight between libs and cons.

Skdadl : Finally - SPP hits committee!

Scout, Grog : This is about more than personalities you know, and I don't understand why you think refusing to support continuing this bullshit war into 2009 translates into supporting Harper.

Jan : Honestly I posted it because I'd just read the 25 afore-mentioned outraged lib posts saying "what the hell is Layton thinking?" and I thought well how hard can it be to find that out?

Anonymous said...

The Liberals just shot selves in foot again. They keep doing that.

They will wear the combat mission, right alongside the Tories, for another two years.

Not that that is what really matters. What matters is ending the combat mission.

Alison said...


susansmith said...

Alison, great post. libbloggers rage over "what could Layton be possibly thinking" was rhetorical, and aimed to smear Jack and the NDP.

full stop!

They actually knew, and they knew that the NDP couldn't support this mission.

That was the end game.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm......deleted again. look alison, my apologies if my joke is misunderstood. there was no intention of demeaning the story....the post speaks for itself and i reserve the right to poke fun at all politicians. if you don't want me to do that on your site, just say so. after all, we are working for a kinder, gentler world, n'est pas? i just don't feel ANY politician is worth much of anything.

please take the guessing game out and let me know directly what it is you want or don't want posted on your blog. thank you.

Alison said...

Welcome home. Where the hell are you? Call me when you get a mo.

And, um, kiddo? Your comment is still up there and I don't know why you can't see it.

Look, here's my promise to you.
I have never ever deleted you in the past and I never will.
Once, 18 months ago, I asked you to rewrite a comment and you did and I posted it and even then I didn't delete you. You gotta stop accusing me of this, kiddo. If you can't get into comments, just e it and I'll post it.


Anonymous said...

no no no my dear....there was another comment after the 'used car salesman' and the 'deleted' posts. surely there is no mystery may not have deleted anything but does anyone else have your password or ....egads, was mrs. peabody at your computer with a lead pipe when you went off to put some kippers on toast?

yes, i'm back and body-injured from sleeping in my truck for four months.....spirits are holding save for silly things like when i buy an avacado here and it's the size of a chicken egg.

will phone when i get back into 'phone local' mode....egads, mr. scout is going to kill me for the long distance calls i've put in already!!!!

walked killarney today and damned if i could not find an owl pellet, shoots! let me know if you come across any......could have some hawaiians coming this summer and want to show them cool stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

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