Friday, April 13, 2007

Steve and Sandra sponsor a scandal

Hands up anyone who gives a rat's ass about AdScam.
Who thinks a secret deal to buy Quebec gone bad is on a par with the militarization of Canada, crappy leadership on the environment, the gutting of social programs, the increase in corporate sponsorship of government, the refusal to defend medicare, the attack on the wheatboard, the softwood lumber giveaway, the pandering to religious nutters, the faking up of law and order hysteria, the removal of the goal of 'equality' from the mandate of the Status of Women, the covering up of RCMP mencacity, the aligning of our presence at the UN to US interests, the cozying up to the worst government in US history, and, of course, the election deal to buy Quebec.

Thanks. Just checking. Me neither.

UPDATE : The Vanity Press not only doesn't give a rat's ass - Aaaaarrrrggghhh - but back in January linked to this Allen Gregg piece which puts it in perspective :
"Being discussed concerned commissions paid to advertising agencies in relation to the Federal Government’s (since abandoned) sponsorship program.
The amount in question was $100 million over a four year period or approximately $25 million per year. Based on an annual operating budget of $180 billion, the amount for which “little or no value” could be found represented .015% of the tax dollar entrusted to government for that year.
If I had deposited $100,000 in the shoe box, this would be the equivalent of being told that $15 had gone missing."


West End Bob said...

I'm betting you see no hands raised in this group . . . thank goodness.

Jennifer Smith said...

Thank you! I have never understood why this issue causes my father and every other Conservative to start foaming at the mouth at the very mention.

Good thing there wasn't a cigar involved, eh?

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