Monday, April 30, 2007

Stockwell Day : Resign

Stockwell Day, from Hansard April 26, 2007:
" I can tell the House that for a considerable period of time now, our own Correctional Service Canada has had corrections officers working in Kandahar. As a matter of fact, I talked with one of them two days ago. Fifteen times already she has had access to the prison facility in Kandahar. She has full access. She also made a visit yesterday to the detention facility."
Stockwell Day again, April 27, 2007 :
"They are there to support the Afghan officers by training them in the work that they do in the prisons and also to ensure, to see if there are cases of torture."

Afghan Ambassador Omar Samad, in the Nat Post April 28, 2007:
"Afghanistan's ambassador to Canada says no Canadians, including corrections officers, have monitored treatment of prisoners turned over by Canadian military forces.
Samad contradicted assertions by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day that Corrections Canada officers have been monitoring prisoner treatment - an assertion Day repeated in the Commons Friday, saying they are there "to see if there are cases of torture."
Samad said Corrections Canada officers have for many months, under their mandate to help build Afghan police capacity, had access to some prisons in Afghanistan and may have come across prisoners.
"It doesn't mean those were detention centres of people who were arrested by Canadian forces," Samad said.
"From the Afghan point of view, it's clear there was no followup or monitoring of detainees caught by Canadian forces turned over to Afghans, especially to the NDS (National Directorate of Security) that took place prior to this current time."

So. Strike three, assclown.
Not the Red Cross. Not the Afghan International Human Rights Commission. And now not the Corrections Canada people either.

The Afghan ambassador has called for "an end to this political circus".
Time to send this bunch of lying assclowns home.

Dave already explained all this last Friday but it's still good to hear it from the Afghan ambassador in NaPo.


RossK said...


I think Mr. Day himself jumped the entire school and the mechanical model shark from Jaws today in a media scrum.

I'm pretty sure, however, that his wetsuit will save him.

For now.


Anonymous said...

Remember when he said Clifford Olsen should be put into the general prison population so the moral prisoners would take care of him? I have the feeling Day doesn't have a problem with the torture of prisoners.

Alison said...

Holly! You brilliant brilliant brilliant you!
Can't beieve I didn't make that connection after just quoting it on another blog a few weeks ago.
Look, I don't know how to get hold of you but any time you want to do a guest post, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll think about it; although I'm used to the hive mind these days. I hang out at BreadnRoses more than anywhere else.

I visit FD too much, and some of them do seem to think torture is ok if it's us doing it. And I have a strong impression from various places that many rightwingers don't understand how a democratic justice system is supposed to work.

You're doing good research; keep it up, please.

Alison said...

Holly :
Re: FD - I'm not sure they have much understanding of how people work. Can't do FD, myself, not tough enough.

Very disturbing to me were the comments under the Globe and Mail stories on this issue - a huge majority wondering why, or complaining that, this was getting any coverage at all.

Hive is better, less draining - just offerring another outlet anytime you want it.

Thanks for your support. At least once a week I think I can't really justify keeping it up - very depressing pressing this pellet lever over and over - but for now I'm still a pamphleteer apparently.

RossK said...

If it helps....I for one would sure like to read occasional posts from Holly goin' lightly where others fear to tread.


Anonymous said...

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