Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clean up your Act

Clean Internet Act?
So gun control is bad but internet control is good?

Dear Joy: One word - Proxies
Now I realize you don't use one, because the Ministry of Trade's IP address is right there on my stats page yesterday, but I'm pretty sure the bad guys do.
For a clue about what a completely dumbass bill this is, please see all your own gnugov's reasons for not supporting gun control.
Here, I'll start you off :
~It won't prevent the crimes nor catch the perps it is aimed at.
~Unnecessary government meddling in citizens' lives with option for government abuse.
~Legally dubious, difficult to enforce and too expensive to implement.
~The criminal code already covers this.
~Casts so large a net it will penalize/annoy the innocent.

Really looking forward to your Clean Movies Act though, Joy.
And may I also suggest a Clean Libraries Act?

H/T Michael Geist

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