Thursday, April 26, 2007

Libs : You're soaking in it now

Now that we've dispensed with the Liberal motion for business as usual in Afghanistan till 2009 with options for extending our US-proxy role into other parts of Afghanistan :

See : The Galloping Beaver : The Afghanistan Motion - Putting the NDP between a rock and a hard place

today we'll see something in the way of actual opposition to staying the course:

The wrong mission in 2009 is the wrong mission in 2007: NDP
NDP tables opposition motion for safe and immediate withdrawal from Afghan combat role
OTTAWA – The NDP tabled a motion today to put an end to the counter-insurgency Afghanistan mission that the Liberals, Conservatives and Bloc Québécois want to last until 2009.
“The NDP motion, to be debated Thursday and voted on Monday, calls for an immediate safe and secure withdrawal of our troops from the counter-insurgency mission and to focus our assistance, not through counter-insurgency but through development and aid,” said NDP leader Jack Layton.
“Both Liberals and Conservatives admit that the conflict in Afghanistan won’t be won militarily. We believe that two more years of participating in the wrong mission for Canada is two years too long.”

Something along the lines of a debate would be nice if all of you can fit it in in between shouting slogans at each other.


West End Bob said...

Wow, real debate on the issues!!

What a great idea - 'Ya think there's a chance??

Anonymous said...

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