Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Braidwood Inquiry : Blaming the victim

RCMP lawyers steered their defence straight into the toilet yesterday as they questioned a friend and neighbour of Robert Dziekanski in Poland via video link.

Stating their purpose was to "explain Dziekanski's behavior at the airport", lawyers for Constables Bill Bentley and Kwesi Millington began with questions about whether Dziekanski drank or had a history of violence but then went on to ask whether his relationship with his ex-girlfriend was toxic and hey, how about that time he was busted for theft as a juvenile?
Iwona Kosowska, Dziekanski's friend of 20 years, was having none of it :
"You guys made the mistake and now you want to turn everything around. For me, my friend just got killed in front of my eyes."
Millington's lawyer Ravi Hira persevered, muttering something about jail time, despite twice being over-ruled by Justice Braidwood to applause from the public gallery, until Kosowska had had enough :
"Can we stop this? You are trying to make a bad person out of him so you can kill a bad person, not a good person."
Well said, Ms Kosowska.


Boris said...

Caught that on CBC radio this morning. Well said indeed!


Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't put the blame where it belongs - to the 4 who killed Dziekanski. These lawyers are as sleazy as the RCMP. I just hope something good comes out of this hearing = four charges, four dismissals and huge compensation to Sofia.

Q said...

Of course, you don't have to be a bad person to get tasered.

You simply need to not submit to authority at an appropriate speed.
That requires quickly getting on the ground and screaming I'm a fucking bitch 3 times and all will likely be well...otherwise out come the tasers to control the rebellious situation.

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