Saturday, March 28, 2009

George Galloway Petitions : Let Him Speak vs Keep Him Out


Dear Signatories of the Keep George Galloway Out of Canada Petition to Those Who Cherish Canadian Values ... all 264 of you :
Re your comments section
"Administrative detention" and "targetted assassination" are not actually "cherished Canadian values".
Also it's "anti-Semitic", not "anti-semetic", and Nazi doesn't have a "t" in it.
Yours in disgust,


Anonymous said...

Heh thanks for posting this.

But - I just looked at the petition page, and now it says there are NO signatures on the JDL anti-Galloway petition. Was this the page you went to?

Alison said...

No, it was this one :
which oddly enough has the identical wording.

Alex Arnet said...

This has got to be my favourite:

"We don't need people like this speaking publicly. We already have too many close-minded people"

Anonymous said...

"Truth is not to be feared but shared." is a pretty good one too.
Truly an excellent reason to ban someone.

I see Marvin pegged in there at #12- as you say, JDL and Canadian Coalition for Democracy have the identical petition.


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