Sunday, March 08, 2009

Emma celebrates International Women's Day

Status of Women Canada has a new slogan for International Women's Day this year :

Wtf does that even mean?

It's as if, having removed the word "equality" from the SWC mandate some time ago, Steve's gang is now sprinkling it here and there across the SWC website where it can do the least harm.
Dr. Dawg and Antonia Z explain what's up with pay equity.

Have a nice day!

Update : April Reign : "Give her a pill" says Vic Toews in the H0C to a female MP objecting to Con flimflammery on pay equity. Bah.

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Anonymous said...

Sloganeering is all we need, patriot!

But really, Canada needs to invade Canada so we can bring woman's rights to the long suffering women of Canada.

My wife is smarter than all the dicks she works for.
If she quit tomorrow they would be bumping into the walls in panic.
They pay her well but always pay themselves better otherwise they might have to get her a seat at the board meetings and acknowledge it when they steal her ideas.

Sometimes this makes her "hysterical", (according to her "boss").
Because that's what it is when uppity skirts protest knobs who steal their hard work while making 25 percent more every year for doing less - total freakin' Hysteria!
I would go there and kick him in his superiority sac but she is the breadwinner of our household and I can't afford to get her fired.
Besides she is equally capable of punting his worm but is alas smarter and more realistic than I.

But forget that it's Roll up yer rim Time again, DAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa.... oh and hockey.

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