Sunday, April 24, 2011

For the benefit of Mr. Kent

Today : Kent backtracks over Tory candidate in Tamil Tigers row
“I regret any embarrassment that my remarks may have caused the Prime Minister.”

And so, with apologies for the massacre of The Beatles 'For the Benefit of Mr. Kite' ...

For the benefit of Mr. Kent
A tv spot for his repent - on trampoline!
Coz Mr Steve went quite potty
About Pete's diss of Paranchothy, what a scene
It's a Tamil Tigers sympathist story
But it's okay if you're a Tory  - yeah
In this way Mr. K. bends over for Steve!

The celebrated Mr. Kent.
Performed his feat to circumvent a message split,
While HarperCons did clap and shout
To drown Milewski's questions out - how chicken shit
Yet Mr. Steve assures the public
His majority will be second to none
But of course we don't endorse the buyers' remorse!

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