Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Harper's Tea Party ad

Just over a year ago we were all surprised to learn that Stephen Harper had hired former Bush WH press secretary and Freedom's Watch leader Ari Fleischer not once but twice -first to promote Harper to the US media, the second time for unspecified duties.

Fleischer's facebook page continues to describes him as "an international media consultant to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper", although as noted by Emily, Harper is not exactly lacking in alternative tea party support.
UPDATE : Here ya go, Steve - I fixed your ad up for ya.

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West End Bob said...



It's all about the "branding," Dear (Almost a) Lady Alison.

As The Rev. so eloquently defined it at TGB: Ah yes, branding. You know, where they take a red hot piece of metal and burn the owner's mark into the hindquarters of a bull that has had its balls cut off and is being fattened for slaughter.

Graphic description of the Canadian (and Excited States) electorate these days . . . .

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