Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stephen Harper's "Here For Canada"

In an old science fiction story by Damon Knight, aliens arrive on Earth and provide us with some of the advanced tech and cheap unlimited power they enjoy on their home planet - which we are encouraged to visit as part of a ten year exchange program. As people trundle happily off into the spaceships, the narrator steals an alien book, along with an alien/earth dictionary, and manages to translate the title : "To Serve Man". That sounds pretty nice but further translation reveals it to be a cookbook.

Stephen Harper's "Here For Canada" campaign pitch strikes me very much the same way.


chris said...

Indeed, the kittens were just an appetiser.

Anonymous said...

That's a really powerful video. Well done. You should do it in high def and send it off the opposition parties.


Alison said...

Thanks, Ian. I redid it and stuck it up on Youtube.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Stephen Harper's "here for Canada" in the same way the fox is here for the chickens.

croghan27 said...

The video begins with: "Canada is and always has been our country."

and this makes sense?

Alison said...

Croghie : It makes sense to the people it's meant to make sense to. It's short for :
"Canada is and always has been our country, unlike Iggy who lived abroad for years and also referred to other countries his too."
He has to be a bit tricky here so as not to offend immigrants.

If you watch the original, we get lots of scenery and Steve doesn't make his appearance until a third of the way in on the words : "It's why we serve". His second appearance comes on the words "courageous warrior".
"Loyal to our friends" ? - fighter jets.

The various analysts who thought this was a stupid meaningless ad were not the people it was meant for.

Alison said...

Steve's original ad, juxtaposed with the tea party ad it most resembles, here.

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