Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anschluss Watch

Michael Wilson, the new Canadian Ambassador to the US, helped bring in NAFTA as Mulroney's Minister of International Trade and has been a tireless advocate of privatizing public corporations. More recently he favoured Canada joining the US in the Iraq adventure.

He was one of a dozen Canadians who brokered The Task Force on the Future of North America into the more watered down Waco Pact signed by Paul Martin, Vicente Fox, and George Bush in March 2005.

The original Task Force of which Michael Wilson was a member made the following recommendations:

  • a North American resource pact allowing greater trade and investment in non-renewable resources, such as oil, gas, and water
  • an integrated N.A. electrical grid
  • a common N.A. currency
  • a N.A. passport
  • a N.A. security perimeter
  • an educational project to teach the idea of a "shared N.A. identity" in schools
  • a harmonization of immigration and refugee policies with the US
  • a trilateral threat intelligence center with the US and Mexico

And this is the guy who is going to "Stand Up For Canada" ?


Anonymous said...

We got Harper to shove Canadian self righteousness down our throats. "The U.S. this, the U.S. that...", the Canuk sound-off is long past boring. Didn't we realize we had ships in the Gulf from the Iraq war beginnings? Didn't we know the RCMP were contracted to train the Iraqi as police once the U.S. was in there???...blah blah blah blah blah.

We didn't pay attention.

And when Mr. Layton called the election, we didn't pay attention, and now we snivel about Harper.

There's nothing new happening, Harper's just expanding what's been in the works. Tsk, tsk, Canada has a dark side. What, NO, not the "nice" nation!!!

Hang on, the ride's about to get really bumby!!!

Rev.Paperboy said...

yeah we certainly would want to help train Iraqi police, lets leave that the to the people who have been running Abu Ghraib. We've had ships in the Indian Ocean since the start of the war in Afghanistan, which we have been fighting since day one to root out the Taliban that sponsored Al-Qaida. You know, the guys that blew up the WTC, the ones George Bush's vaunted Green Berets keep letting escape.

Anonymous said...

Let's get drunk.

Alison said...

Guys, I just want us to bear in mind who Mr P3 Michael Wilson is, aside from being the godfather of the GST.

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