Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Omission accomplished

George Bush - March 2, 2006 in The Star Phoenix :
"I assure you this government of yours will not blink, we will not yield. . . . The United States doesn't cut and run,' Bush said to enthusiastic cheers and applause [in Afghanistan]."

Stephen Harper - March 8, 2006 in The Calgary Herald :
"Canadians don't cut and run at the first sign of trouble. That's the nature of this country. And when we send troops into the field, I expect Canadians to support those troops," said Harper."

Fucked that one up, eh Harper?
Are there good reasons to deploy Canadian troops in Afghanistan? Because you're going to need something more substantial than merely your ability to perfectly parrot whatever Bush says.
Bush has made extensive use of the "if you don't support my wars then you don't support the troops" rhetoric.
What a fucking crock. Don't you even try that bullshit up here.
All Canadians support the troops. Got that, Harper? All Canadians.
Disagreeing with your or Bush's use of them does not mean we don't support the troops.

Ok, you can wipe Bush's bullshit off your chin now.

And in other news in Afghanistan, I see opium rations are up again...


Bazz said...

Very nicely put, I must say! I was just waiting for Harper to trot out a large "Mission Accomplished" banner.

RossK said...

Interesting that congruity....given the fact that the two of them have the approximately the same approval ratings currently (ie. 33%)

Maybe this is a lashed together three legged race to the bottom of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe David From is writing Harper's speeches now.

Cam said...

i heard harper once said 'i hope i win the election'. Bush once said, 'i hope i win the election'.

we're through the looking glass people. they're cyborgs from the same neo-facist factory.

Havril said...

How long before Stevie develops a Dubbya-esqe saunter? (Or was that a swagger? Mosey?)

For the record, I support our troops, but not necessarily our troupes. There's this group of naked mimes from montreal...

Alison said...

Cam :
And Bush and Harper have probably both said in public, "Can I have the salad instead of the fries?" but that isn't what this is about, is it?
Harper repeated Bush's intentionally obfuscating rhetoric and in so doing he has undermined the case - such as it is - for Canada staying in Afghanistan by linking it with Bush's batshit objectives. This is both arrogant and stupid.

Havril : I think I've heard of them. Are they the ones who only appear in public with their faces covered?

Cam said...

yo, its just a little speech from a pm revelling in his 'grandeur' of being out on the battlefield with the troops.
what, you wanted him to launch into a full on disclosing of future GNPS's and potential purchaing powers of afghani dollars in 2007 and all sorts of other full on developent data?
he's not intentionally obfuscating. (at least, i think he's. those words are big. me dumb) he's having some fun. sure, he might sound like a little bush in saying 'we're fighting terrorism' and that but, i mean, (oh man, i'm gonna be so sorry i asked this, i can just tell) what are bush's batshit objectives in afghanistan anyways? you don't think he wants a functioning, stable and 'free' state there?

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