Friday, March 31, 2006

Duct tape malfunction

From Canadian citizen Pamela Anderson in her letter to Stephen Harper re the Atlantic seal harvest:
"I'm writing you today not so much about the horrific cruelty involved in the hunt, but about the impact of the government's indifference to such violence on Canada's image around the world."

Response from Canada's Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn who said he used to watch Anderson on the television show that propelled her to stardom :
"It's been a long time since she looked good on Baywatch."

Nice to see your ability to adequately defend your ministry's policy is contingent upon your ability to keep it in your pants.



Dave said...

She looked good on Baywatch? I thought she was cute as a Blue girl before she had herself altered, but I don't think that would ever effect what I thought of her opinion on any issue. Basically what I think the minister of fish is saying is that if it was a hot young relevant starlet, he'd pretend to care. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I still think Bridette Bardot should make her come-back with the seals. What was the old bumper sticker, "I'd rather be sealing".

Dave said...

Don't you just love it when those Conservative "family values" come bubbling to the surface?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious title Creekside. Kind of reminded me of the new AIDS Awareness campaign running now with shots of musicians and celebs with duct taped mouths showing how being silent on AIDS is not helpful.
However, being silent is one thing, being muzzled is another.
Yes indeedy, we didn't have to wait long to find out how come there are not many prominent women in the Cons party. If this is what any woman can expect from joe conservative, what woman would have the balls to run and win under this flag? More to the point, which women would want to?
This hillbilly attitude will not fly in most parts of Canada.
Speaking of flying, look for the "Emerson Phone Home" banner over Ottawa on Monday.

Alison said...

Yellowknife Dave : Yes, but then you're a grown-up.

Scout : Brigitte has some scary other politics but she still gets a lifetime achievement award for almost single-handedly raising the age at which seals can be harvested all those years ago.

Galloping Dave : Definitely and it's always some imaginary version of a 1950's family with them.

Anon : Yes, the banner!Unfortunately I'm closer to where Emerson can never safely show his face again than I am to Ottawa but will try to post a pic.

Havril said...

Loyola isn't happy to see her. So that must be a club in his pants.

Havril said...

er, pocket.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Let me get this straight Loyola, is Pam Anderson's credibility directly proportional to how far her implants have dropped or what the rating for the last season of VIP were? What about Paul MacCartney? Does his credibility have to do with his records as a Beatle, the leader of Wings, or his less-inspired solo work?

Havril said...

What about Paul MacCartney? Does his credibility have to do with his records as a Beatle, the leader of Wings, or his less-inspired solo work?

I think, yes. I mean, have you heard any of his new stuff?

This is different from the issue of Pam's looks. I haven't figured out how, but I'm working on it.

Alison said...

By "working on it" I assume you mean "photoshopping it", but aren't they actually all the same?
Paul, Brigitte, and Pam are all levelling a charge of morally bankrupt behavior at the Canadian govt.
So answering that charge with "I don't have to listen to you because you are too rich, too famous, or no longer as cute" is just an ad hominem tu quoque diversion.
Or in Hearn's case : too cock.

Havril said...

Yeah, even photoshop couldn't help me with that one. That's the last time I take a mock stand on anything.

Of course, both you and Dave (of the North) are correct. If a star can use her celebrity to get out a message, more power to her, provided that she's well informed on the issue.

Pam may well be. Perhaps unfairly, I think a lot of people tend not to take her too seriously on account of the 'bimbo' image she cultivates.

But, absolutely, those wishing to seriously counter her position should attack its substance or her credentials. Not her looks or the current PSI of her breasts -- no matter how obvious a distraction they might be.

From what I saw/read, Danny Williams, for one, seems to have stuck to the issues in responding to Paul and Heather. Loyola not so much with Pam.

Me, I rarely stick to the issues. But that's just because I'm cultivating my 'irresponsible smartass' image. Just until I'm famous, then I'm taking the high road.

So I actually do agree with y'all. But I did make you talk kinda dirty.

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