Saturday, March 11, 2006

"From sea to sea to sea to Jesusland"

"Canadians from sea to sea to sea would soundly endorse the adoption of a new national motto that captures the true vastness of a country bounded by three oceans, according to a poll commissioned by CanWest News Service and Global News."

The poll proposes changing "from sea to sea" to "from sea to sea to sea".
Despite the intention to more accurately reflect our true geographic boundaries, no mention is made of the longest terrifyingly undefended border in the world.
How about "From C to C to C to Incomplete?"

In the Ipsos Reid poll of 1002 Canadians, 44 % of respondents agreed with the proposed change, compared with 17 % opposed.
The remaining 37 % said, "Are you freakin kidding me? We've got a PM who appoints an unelected campaign manager to cabinet minister and lures an elected candidate to cross the floor for a cabinet post but blows off the resulting ethics inquiry, health care is under attack from its own insurer the Canadian government, the daycare plan is going down, and we're about to get under the leaking US ballistic missile umbrella. Why don't you put that on the goddamn ribbon?"

More than half of the francophone respondents surveyed about changing the motto from "D'un ocean a l'autre" to "D'un ocean aux autres" suggested just shortening the whole thing to "D'uh" and hung up.

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David Wozney said...

The Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean are labelled as oceans, not seas.

The Beaufort Sea and the Labrador Sea are labelled as seas.

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