Tuesday, March 28, 2006


From b-boy :

Beyond the Great Barbarian Canadian Club on Ice blood and guts thing lies a softer story. A uniquely Canadian children's story. We all had an Ookpik, the original cabbage patch rage. I loved mine when I was 8. It looked like an owl, only cuter. Every lucky Canadian kid had one. Bet you had one too.
They kind of disappeared when Brigitte came on the scene.
There's dozens of wacko toy sites devoted to them.
Pop culture politics.
They were made of seal fur.


Havril said...

I never had an Ookpik. But I did have a seal-oil nightlight.

Dave said...

Hmmm... I don't think I had an Ookpik. But I did have a pet seal!

(Unless maybe that was a basset hound.)

Anonymous said...

Ha, my older sister got one. She got everything. Damn her! To think: if I'd had an Ookpik I could have been a cheerleader and live in Point Grey. But no, here I am reading Creekside and living on an island. Thank Gawd!

Bazz said...

I indeed had an Ookpik; he's still around the place somewhere, in fact. Does anybody remember the Dennis Lee poem?

"An Ookpik is nothing but hair,
If you shave him, he isn't there"

Dave said...

Heh. I can still get these. Right up the street actually.

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