Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dog bites man

The National Post enthusiastically humps Peter MacKay's leg :

"Even if MacKay said what he's accused of, so what?
Dogs are celebrated animals in our society.
Indeed, Canada was settled in part by British WASPs-of-the-manor, whose affection for their dogs often rivalled (or surpassed) that shown to their wives.
Is it any wonder that our society's most iconic painting is that of dogs playing poker .....?"

"British WASPs-of-the-manor" who consider "Dogs Playing Poker" to be "iconic".
The very definition of the NaPo target audience.

During Heckling Period in the House on Wednesday, MacKay traded in his previous jackass status for that of bald-faced liar, denying that he had said anything or made any gesture whatsoever that everyone has been watching on the internet all week.

Tomorrow NaPo will leap on this denial and lovingly toss it around like a throw toy, thereby inadvertantly burying MacKay in contempt of the House. Good boy, NaPo, go fetch!


MgS said...

He's not even a convincing liar, either.

Scotian said...

It is his lying about this that has made this such a story. I listen to QP daily live, and I was that day and I heard his comment, although at the time I did miss the pointing to the seat of Ms Stronach. So I know he said it, I am actually a little surprised that the Speaker is unable to pick it out given that I did and apparently so have some in the news media since they are treating this seriously. As for the NP, all this shows is yet again the CPC claim of a liberal media conspiracy out to destroy them is so much hot air when a national publication lines up four square behind misogyny and lying by a senior Cabinet Minister when that Minister belongs to the CPC.

Olaf said...


I have to agree that writing such tripe was just gutless of the Post. I really don't know what they were thinking. I mean it's one thing to think it wasn't sexist, that seems perfectly reasonable to me ;), but that's totally irresponsible for an editorial board to come out with.

I'd expect it in the CalSun, but not the Post.

CC said...

So if this is how it works for comparisons to dogs, does that mean that the historical complimentary reference to "noble steeds" mean I can refer to Stephen Harper as a "horse's ass?"

Only in the most complimentary way, of course.

RossK said...

That's strange.

I thought for sure that, at the very least, the nattering naybobs of NaPoism would have shown a picture of one party or the other wearing golden canine badges.

Then, of course, they would have been able to quote the Noblesse of Steve saying that even it weren't true his government is certainly capable of saying and doing derogatory things with Canines, regardless.


Bazz said...

So the right's argument is now that MacKay was actually paying Stronach a compliment? Holy disingenuousness, Batman!

scout said...

Poochy MacKay. Dog gone-it Alison, perhaps this entire cabinet will have themselves painted as dogs playing poker...NaPo might like it.

olaf, still holding to the 'non-sexist' opinion. well, good on ya but i'm sending my bouvier (jaqueline, of course) over to poo on your lawn :)

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