Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Enter At Own Risk

"You may be subject to arbitrary detention or arrest and torture"

One person's actions against the lawlessness of the U.S. government.
Performed at the Peace Arch border crossing on Thanksgiving


RossK said...

And The Tyee goes deep on the effort to erase the border......

As an aside....why is there so little discussion in the SCLM of the number 600,000?


Alison said...

Ross :
Because it fucks with their whole paradigm and accepting this number leads to places SCLM doesn't want to go.
What is Sadaam on trial for again? Oh yeah - killing a lot of people. So killing more than twice that number of the same people in order to fix it leads to difficult implications.
If you accept that Sadaam is a war criminal, you have to accept that Bush is. If you don't accept that Bush is, what the hell is Sadaam on trial for?

No one wants to go there.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks,Alison -- I hadn't seen this video before.
Speaking of the half million, Billmon has an interesting discussion of the statistics and other issues, including the Saddam comparison figures.

harbinger said...

Johns Hopkins estimates 655,000 Iraqis died 2003-2006, that is 600 a day,no way! The formula they used to get those numbers is very unreliable.More false facts.

RossK said...


Do your sampling, collate your data, draw your conclusions, write the paper, and submit it to the Lancet where it will be rigourously peer-reviewed by experts in the field of epidemiology*.

Then, if it is revised and published I will be happy to pay attention to what you say.

Until then, or until you cite another rigorously peer-reviewed study that refutes the conclusions published by Burnham et al., you are less than Mencken's politicians to me.

* by the way, that is not somebody who studies skin diseases
**For those who want to actually read the Burnham paper in the Lancet there is a link to the pdf at my place. The Abstract and the Introduction are quite readable/understandable, even to dermatologists.

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