Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thank you, Stephen Harper

Canada will officially protest the U.S. treatment of Arar and Canadian officials.

"What I would like to see is obviously the United States government come clean with its version of events, to acknowledge … the deficiencies and inappropriate conduct that occurred in this case, particularly vis-a-vis its relationship with the Canadian government," Harper said.
Canada wants to hear that "these kinds of incidents will not be repeated in the future."

Thank you, sir.



Q said...

I just sent off my 2 cents to Steve: "Excuse me Steve, don't mean to be rude but why are you discussing improvements to the treatment of suspects with a dictator who has just legalized torture, eliminated habeas corpus and promised to grab suspects on foreign soil if they feel like it?
Are these the actions of someone who is going to play 'nicer' in the future? Get real and link this request with an official statement of outrage that our neighbor is becoming terrifying to civilized people everywhere with recent draconian legal changes."

RossK said...

I love the smell of Deflector Spin in the morning.

Let's Surf!


Rev.Paperboy said...

yeah, it only took two years. Bastards.

scout said...

note only zac the copomaniac apologized though...this 'we'll do the request and look into it is not producing the hit tune, 'i'm sorry, so sorry...' from harpo or bushco.

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