Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Steve and Sandra and the faith-based thing

Amid stories of the no longer secret Republican derision of fundies down south, comes this quote from Harper in his Reform days, as reprinted in The Star:

"In the United States, this (social conservative) element of the electorate has been critical in the development of the Republican coalition. It provides workers and funds disproportionate to its size as a voting bloc."


Dave said...

LMAO. Nice one.

scout said...

love 'the funders'....gooder!

Anonymous said...

I feel stupid asking this, but who is Sandra?

RossK said...

Interesting how dismissive he is of folks with an environmentalist bent.

Clearly thinks they can't get it up*.....and thus are not worth either courting or worrying about.

Delacourt concludes that, based on recent actions by Little Steph and the Miracles, he still feels that way.

I would also suggest it says something about the (lack of?)respect he has for Ms. Ambrose

*in fundraising and/or volunteer hours of course.

(Alison thanks for the pointer on Bowland's speech to the 'Nautical Club'.... I've got the minutes).

Olaf said...


I mean he's right, isn't he? Is there something wrong in particular with courting the religious right? Are they less deserving of such attention?

I mean, politicians always go after regional votes, rural votes, immigrant votes, etc. etc. etc., whats wrong with Christian votes?

Alison said...

Anon :
Sandra Buckler is Harper's Communications Director, or spin doctor. She is the voice in his head and the one we hear on CBC.

She famously said she does not believe Canadians give a shit about what happens in government.
You can thank her for how little we do know.

Prior to being Steve's flackman, she was a corporate lobbyist for Coca-Cola Canada, De Beers, CNR, Rogers, Power Financial Corp.

Ross :
Ronalee purportedly aspires to the PM's chair - not sure if lack of respect is quite the feeling he's dealing with here.

scout said...

rona-revvy aspires for the pm's chair?? you gotta be joking...her chances would be minus zilch. guess that's why he keeps jim the apprentice as his right-hand biggoted neuter - no aspirations to be pm, better yet from alberta and probably another flanagan puppy. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20061014.wxprentice14/BNStory/National/home

poor stevie. must be so hard with all the backstabbers around...no wonder he acts like a paranoid cocaine addict. where have we heard that analogy before?

interesting harper met with a lobby group of catholic women ...the first time in 24 years a pm has done so......yet all this condemnation from harpies over s.o.w. as a lobby group and how that shouldn't be allowed, one of the biggest oppoments being catholic women. hmmm.

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