Thursday, October 19, 2006

The traditional nine month anniversary gift : Zoloft

Does this poll make my ass look big?
Feb 9, 2006 SES Poll :

Yup, you could park a truck in the shade of that butt.
Oct 15, 2006 Strategic Poll :

Well isn't this all very plus ca change?
Nine months later and the leaderless Libs and the Cons are again at a draw.
Perhaps we could quit running those editorials asking whether "Stephen Harper's honeymoon with Canadian voters is over" now.
I mean - what kind of honeymoon clocks in with a 32% approval rating?


Anonymous said...

Like they said in the article : It's a dead heat. :)

Anonymous said...

The story here isn't the dead heat - it's the three percent increase for the Greens.

Damn. Much as I think that Garth Turner is a sleazy weasel (because he claimed to be an authority on mutual funds and stocks without any license or educational background and used to make fund and stock recommendations in newspapers etc - and then mock people who took his advice and lost money), imagine how things might change if he gave his seats to the Greens, and they got exposure in the house!

MgS said...

Consider the prospect of the Greens being the beneficiaries as former PC's flee a a party being taken over by the TheoCons...

(not an entirely unreasonable direction, either)

Q said...

Well hooooray Canada, neocons were so last Tuesday.
The humiliation of a Harper theocracy surviving when the U.S. movement is goin south is more than one should have to bear... love the ass metaphors!

scout said...

the nine month gestation period has given birth to what? twins. if the libs have equal rating's with NO LEADER think what will happen in the polls when they do have one.

somehow i don't know if garth will go to the greens...i see him sitting as an independant, if his riding goes for him. it's a 'close race riding' with the 2006 results:
Liberal: Gary Carr 28,680
Conservative: Garth Turner 30,577
NDP: Anwar Naqvi 6,114
Green: Kyle Grice 3,843

so what's turner going to do if he wants to hold onto a seat?. i see defection to the libs if Carr doesnt run again. is turner THAT popular he could win a seat for the greens...looking at last election's figures i'd say no.

Havril said...

I mean - what kind of honeymoon clocks in with a 32% approval rating?

My wife could probably fill you in on that. Just kidding. That was just our wedding night. She's officially on record as giving the honeymoon as a whole a solid "somewhat satisfied".

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