Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You so totally already have her

The Conservative Reform Alliance Party (or C.R.A.P.) trotted out MP Helena Guergis today to vouch for Peter MacKay's integrity and respect for women.

From the Globe&Mail :
"Ontario Tory MP Helena Guergis was set to issue a press release yesterday morning reaffirming her support for the anti-floor crossing legislation. However, Mr. Harper made her parliamentary secretary to Mr. Emerson yesterday afternoon, and the press release was not issued." Feb 8, 2006

Oh, sorry - wrong press release.
Ah, here we go :

From the Toronto Star :
"She [Helena Guergis] defended MacKay as "a gentleman, in every sense of the word (who) has always treated me with the utmost respect."

Unlike, say, your party.

Oh, and Globe&Mail? You already have her.

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West End Bob said...

Good one, Alison

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