Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"God is my Spin Doctor"

is the name of a play about Diane Haskett, the controversial former mayor of London, Ontario who was fined $10,000 for refusing to declare Gay Pride Week. She did participate in the Jesus March though.

Now she's the controversial Con candidate for London/North running against the Greens' Elisabeth May. Haskett was parachuted back into Canada last week from her six year stint as a communications consultant for US Republican Elizabeth Dole.
Cerberus noted how all her scheduled media interviews were immediately cancelled by the Cons.
My Blahg links to Garth Turner, who published an internal Con memo soliciting campaign help for Haskett from Parliament Hill staffers, who we do not pay to ply partisan politics. Rob Edger has even more links.

But it was this bit in the Sun that caught my eye :
"Dianne Haskett, the former mayor of London, Ont., was a board member of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, a Washington-based, interfaith organization" which seeks to "elevate the consideration of religious factors in foreign policy" by attaching American religious leaders to embassies in the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Latin America."

What an absolutely capital idea. I imagine there are still a few people left in some of those countries who have yet to be convinced that the West's bombing the shit out of them and/or hoovering up their resources is not some kind of nutbar religious jihad on our part. Attaching evangelists to foreign embassies ought to clear that right up.

The Spin Doctor is certainly going to have His Hands full on Nov 27.

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Q said...

When Haskett returned to Canada why couldn't they redirect her to Syria? We've had the worst mayors in this city.
Yes she's a nut but she doesn't hate gays you know, it's her God that hates gays so she's only doing what God tells her. Please Jesus, protect us from your followers, heh.
Joe Fontana was popular as an MP but is not popular running for mayor here. It's his former seat being contested.
Megan Walker NDP and Glen Pearson Libs are very popular in London and should defeat her. Green is also popular.
Haskett's a lawyer and I'm sure she'll get out of her apartment lease when she loses and goes back to the religious extremists she's more comfortable with.
Unfortunately, I'm in London West. I'd love to not vote for her. grrrrr

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