Friday, November 10, 2006

Steve and Sandra and Same Sex Religion

The always wonderful Chris Hedges : Letter From Canada


Anonymous said...

great article!!!! love your larger 'steve and sandra' layout...easier on the eyes :)

Q said...

Larger layout is good. Nothing highlights an issue like lego though, especially when it comes to creepy creeping things.
The Nation's good but I'm getting all of my news from the WatchTower now. Would you care to join sister? muahahahahahaha

Alison said...

Scout : You can click on them to enlarge them, you ass...wait a come you can read this?

Q : A lego Watchtower...Mmmmm

Anonymous said...

alison, i get tired of clicking. click to get to a site. click to read linked articles. click to comment. put in word verification and make three attempts because don't have reading glasses that work for computer screen distance. click to go to next site.

sometimes it just doesn't click to click :)

and hey, you ass-tard! if you're going to call me an ass i want clown or hat after it !!!

i can read this because it's much larger font. now, where did i put my white cane?

Q said...

PS I would like to report once again that there was an fu in the word verification, grrrr

I wouldn't worry about anyone in Canada pulling a Haggard.
The problem south is the warmer weather. Nothing gets righties hornier than Jesus talk combined with the sun baking the tin roofs on those mobile homes. With global warming it could be Sodom and Gomorrah 2.

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