Friday, November 21, 2008

The "Afghanistan job fair"

is all about attracting more federal public servants to Afghanistan:
"Serving in Afghanistan is a unique and rewarding experience," the memo reads.
"Canadian public servants in Kabul and Kandahar are at the cutting edge of Canada's international work in challenging environments and their contributions will shape Canada's approach to engaging the world for a generation to come."
John Manley's 2007 Afghanistan Task Force advisors, headed by David (no relation) Mulroney and his merry band of 24 experts, are still toiling away at the Privy Council Office and, according to some, sucking all the oxygen out of any other DND, CIDA, or Foreign Affairs project.

Fen Hampson, director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University explains it's all about Obama :

"Canada's major foreign policy priority is going to be to make inroads with the new administration," he said. "The fact that we are one of the major players in Afghanistan, alongside the Americans, is a very important card and, I would say lever of influence with the incoming Obama administration, Mr. Hampson believed.

"We're not just investing in Afghanistan's future, we're also investing in the Canada-U.S. relationship and partnership. So when you do the accounting you have to include that political calculation into the equation."

No mention of public servants requiring special boots to prevent "blood and fecal matter" from being "tracked into personal quarters" this time round so maybe it could really be fun!
Thanks, Fen!

via Ottawonk whose forays into a possible career change were abruptly brought up short by a question on the RCMP application :
"-Have you ever engaged in bestiality?"
Never mind, Ottawonk. Hey what about Lion Tamer? They must be needing lion tamers in the public service by now.


ottawonk said...

well, we do have our own hats which we could claim as business expenses. but our aptitude tests reveal that we're more suited to tim hortons kandahar, which thankfully is always hiring. and seriously, 50K to schlep the double-doubles and timbits, what could possibly be the catch? oh, right: "position may involve some baking".

Alison said...

- High School diploma AND some retail or food service experience, or in a related hospitality field
- An acceptable combination of education, training, and/or experience will also be considered"

So, going with "OR" : Blogging, Cheetohs

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