Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, America

You lined up at 5am and waited up to 11 hours in the rain to vote - some of you on walkers, some with kids in tow - but you did it.

Popular vote with 95% of polls reported:

Obama - 52.3%
McCain - 46.4%


Paul said...

It was truly a great day. Certainly, he will have great challenges, and even some failures, ahead. But, his victory is a reminder that politics can be inspirational and nations should be collective projects of hope and opportunity.

Anonymous said...

and i'm the 'glass half empty' on this...of course i'm joyed that obama won, of course. but that's a lot of power for a young man to hold and if the dems continue to rule congress then in a few years we may not like what we see in the new born king.

alison, any idea what the voter turnout percentage was?

oh, and buenos from campeche :D

Alison said...

Scout : Voter turnout was a little over 60% - same as usual - meaning more Dems this time and fewer Repubs.
You're in Mexico?

Paul : Any other result would have been awful, it is indeed inspiring that a black man was elected, and his speeches are extraordinary.
However, that said, I'm not as thrilled as most. Obama voted to renew the Patriot Act, does not support universal healthcare for all, wants to greatly expand the military and the war in Afghanistan, and defends the US right to first-strike Iran and Pakistan, and I am not in favour of any of those things.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is delirious with joy today because they insist on believing that Obama is progressive is gonna be right pissed off tomorrow when he elects a GOP cabinet full of Clintonites and war-mongers.


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