Friday, November 14, 2008

Stay classy, NaPo

The National Post, a rightwing mouthpiece which has yet to make it into the black, pitches the leak of the proposed $100-million taxpayer bail-out to Millenium to build $1.2-billion Olympic Village condos as "Dirty tricks in Vancouver Mayoral race".

OK, so who are the candidates in this dirty tricks race?
According to NaPo, the choice is either "a left-leaning juice and soup maker", or "a right-leaning council member" who isn't "kowtowing to the local poverty industry".

Kowtowing to the local poverty industry? What's that about?
NaPo : "such radical measures as preventing the closure of rental apartment buildings and low-rent hotel rooms, and forcing repairs at the owners' expense, if necessary."

Stay classy, NaPo.

Update : Hi, NaPo. Thanks for dropping by.
Could I have my link back now, please?

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RossK said...


I was doing some insilico deepSAGE-9in' the other day using a series of D. melanogaster libraries.....

And lo-and-behold, what should pop-up but a gene that appears to be strongly linked to that terrible condition commonly described by some as 'NaPoism'...

The scientific name for this devastating disease is.....


And, given that it shows up in flies it appears to be highly conserved throughout evolution.



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