Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Con Con Con Res '08

Conservative Convention Constitution Resolutions '08 :
Pillaged from the much more colourful live-blogging of Dr. Dawg and Kady O'Malley :

P-106 - "encourage the provinces and territories to further experiment with different means of delivering universal health care utilizing both the public and private health sectors" - DEFEATED
Although "This motion will bring fodder to our enemies when it’s not necessary" is not a very reassuring reason for its defeat.
Ditto : relying on "the invisible hand of Adam Smith".

P-202 - Reaffirm support for the Charter, including the Notwithstanding Clause - PASSED
Despite being referred to as "a deeply flawed document"

P-203 - stripping Canadian Human Rights Commission of the power to investigate complaints under Section 13 (hate speech) -PASSED
No surprise here as the CHRC is usually investigating ReformaCon supporters

P-207 - legislation to make assault causing harm to fetus a separate crime - PASSED
"Separate crime" being the operative words here = anti-abortion

P-213 - removal of support for full gender equality, also equal pay for equal work - PASSED
Despite one dude's complaint that it didn't address full gender equality for men!

P-223 - audit of aboriginal programs - PASSED
More hassling of the already audited-to-death FNs

P-308 - anti-union/right to work/support for workers who don’t want to take part in a strike - PASSED
Yeah - right to choose lower wages! Go children of the tar sands!

P-105 - offshore oil and resource exploration (drill baby drill) - PASSED
h/t to Gary Lunn for all his outstanding work in promoting another Exxon Valdez

So although Mr Comfy Sweater will be along later to tell them all to stuff it if they ever expect to see a majority government, this is face the CRAP party chooses to turn on Canada today.

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RossK said...

P-223 - audit of aboriginal programs - PASSED
More hassling of the already audited-to-death FNs.....


Isn't that the 'Tom's Law'

As in Flanagan.

(hey, which way did all that 'moderating' influence go?)

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