Monday, November 03, 2008

World Wildlife Fund - WTF?

Now, aboard a specially outfitted private jet, you can travel around the world with people who work to protect Earth’s incredible diversity.
In 25 extraordinary days, travel to six of World Wildlife Fund’s top priority places.
In the world of private jet expeditionary travel, there’s simply no such thing as “good enough.” There is only extraordinary.
Your journey is designed for excellence at every level. A private car meets your commercial flight in London, charming local gifts grace your pillow at every destination, and exclusive events and access punctuate your entire experience.
Each detail has been orchestrated with meticulous attention, just as you expect."

"Only a private jet can bring you to so many places all in comfort, safety, and ease.
Just 19 rows of spacious leather seats with full ergonomic support. Gourmet meals, chilled champagne, your own chef. Personable, professional jet staff who welcome you back aboard after each stop."
"Astonished?" That hardly covers it, WWF.
Do you think the rest of us are bicycling to work, wearing an extra sweater indoors, using those god-awful fluorescent light bulbs, and putting bricks in our toilet tanks - at your behest - so you can jet-set the Green elite to "enjoy the company of" endangered species?
You put out a fabulous brochure for jet travel, I must admit.
Presumably we will see those same pictures in the calendars we get every year from those grassroots college students who go door-to-door selling WWF subscriptions on foot so as not to be hypocrites.

"A treasured trademark of TCS Expeditions journeys by private jet is the concept of “Surprise and Delight.”
The brilliant expedition team, behind the scenes and on the jet, is carefully orchestrating every detail of your extraordinary journey — and planning special surprises."
What's the "special surprise" carbon foot print here, WWF?
What the fuck were you thinking?
UPDATE : And they've taken it down!

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Anonymous said...

WtF were they thinking indeed?
The worst of it is that this provides cover for every knuckle-dragging denialist who wants to discredit the entire green movement and I'm guessing this post won't be too popular among 'progressives" for that very reason.


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