Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let the kid keep the pony

Sam Spiteri is 3.
He has cerebral palsy.
He can't walk but he loves his pony, Emily.
Some asshat neighbour, apparently able to distinguish the odour of Sam's pony over that of the cow farm next door, has laid a successful complaint with the town of Caledon, Ont. to have the pony removed from the Spiteri's one acre property over a zoning infraction.
Dear Township of Caledon :
The kid's single mom has paid you the $1145 you apparently require to consider letting her keep the pony. Yeah we read all about your worries regarding setting legal precedents in your local paper. How about setting a precedent to allow a severely challenged kid to have some joy in his childhood? Don't mess this one up.
Good luck to you, little kid, mom, and pony.


Q said...

What assholes...

and when Steve sees how adorable these critters will surely end up in his photos to deflect his inherent lack of appeal.

sassy said...

Depending on how this gets resolved, this may need updating.

It's situations like this when I wish for that lottery so I could just buy the family a new home with acreage.

p.s. the neighbour is an a-hole.

Alison said...

Q : Photo caption : Horse with horse's ass...

Sassy : You're such a sweetie.
I see the Eaton family, Norman Jewison, and the makers of Trivial Pursuit all have large country estates in the area so maybe the family will get lucky.

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